About me.


I am Nicola – born and raised in Münster, Germany.
After high school lots of different adventures waited for me, like travelling through the USA, moving to Berlin, studying Culture and quitting studying Culture.
Because of my love for art, I found my real passion though: Events. After organizing some art shows in Berlin I've realized, I actually love the planning and being surrounded by design. Organizing and planning events and marketing campaigns was the path to go. So I've studied this in a dual course of study in Cologne – a city full of joie de vivre – in which I was able to learn the execution and the theory at ones.

During my studies I've always worked.
Not just because of the dual system but also as a working student and freelancer in several agencies. I've planned all kinds of events from motor sport F1 events, pop-up-fairs, galas, first-stone-laying-events, inaugural flights. And also did some great campaigns with OOH fleets, TV-ads, flyers, digital banners, social media content and so on...
But each and every single project had one thing in common: the charm of preparing it in detail and a precise plan and every time, there is this one matter, which doesn't work as planned.
I love that part of a project, when it becomes clear, that a project plan can’t prevent against the unexpected.   
This is the part where the adrenaline has to save the deal. You have to come up with special solution and handle the problem intime as it was planned like this from the beginning.
A good project manager should be precise, organized, friendly and have some humor – So this is me.

In addition to that, I am the CEO and Co-Founder of a publishing company for childrens books. We want more diversity in nurseries: ulila Verlag
Anything else besides the job? 

I love travelling, especially on my motorbike. Good food, breath-taking views and interesting conversations keep me alive and happy. 
 If you want to know more about my working experience – there you go: 



HMKW Award - Winner of 800 Participants 
Hochschule für Medien, Kommunikation und Wirtschaft

Best Event-Concept for a sustainable Event for the City Government of Cologne 
(Teamwork with the class of Prof. Dr. Wolf)


Scholarship - Winner of 350 Participants
Amnesty International & HMKW Hochschule 

Best Marketing-Concept for a Donation Campaign for Amnesty International. 
Price: Funding the college tuitions for 4 years.



Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English University of Cambridge, England

Certificate in English / Level C1